PUBLISHED: Sunday, 23 July 2017

**If your church does not inspire you, you need a new church

Sometime around 2009 My bro Adams Wellington (Uncle Darren) Had told me about a church program he watched on Rstv and in his words ":Men the Pastor dey yan truth'' I had Holistically nodded in acceptance while i was trying to fix the children meal.....Boom !!! Sunday approach and he told me he needs to visit that church.He came back all excited that Sunday with enough gist of his experience and how electrifying the word from the altar got to him, he also told me about the free breakfast after every church service & there i got inspired (Food Is Bae )
That was how the journey started, Mum & Dad had caught the fire, the children were all excited and i said to myself, Tuale ! I can not come & go and kill myself let me kukuma join them.

Next Sunday On getting to the church entrance with Bro Darren something caught my attention, The designs were out of this world with captions like WELCOME TO LIFE, YOU WILL FIND A FRIEND HERE etc Wow.We finish service that day and my mindset towards life changed entirely, Pastor Chris Practically delivered the right words i have been itching to hear, Nothing inspires than seeing a church Teaching Practical solutions to real life issues,This to me was everything, We cant be preaching & churching while members are taking their life out of depression, members are been misled in their business, career, marriage and life issues, These are issues wrecking the society & if the body of Christ can not discuss this things then we have a major problem. The King's Assembly has reshaped my head(thou still big) my thinking and approach to life.
Lastly the church is a family to be identified with, filled with beautiful people, With beautiful Ideas.

God bless you all.


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