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The TOILET TISSUE PRODUCTION BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful Toilet tissue production business and in raising capital from a bank or other investors for your new toilet paper company.

Advantages of The Business Plan:

  • The Business Plan is fully Updated with current research on Toilet tissue manufacturing processes
  • One great advantage of the business plan is that the kind of Toilet tissue is multipurpose Toilet tissue such as saviet paper.  So in summary the Toilet tissue manufacturing business plan shows you: How to start Saviet paper production and more.
  • The Toilet tissue business plan will give you guide on where to acquire Toilet paper making machine ( either quality fabricated or foreign imported Toilet paper making machines) for your production
  • The Business Plan is a 9 Chapter Business Plan – of about 32 pages!
  • 3 Year Automated Financial Model in MS Excel it has a Complete Industry Research.
  • Bank/Investor/Grant Ready! – The business plan is design to enable you use it to access loan and grants
  • Exceeds SON and NAFDAC Requirements and standard!
  • Automatic download after purchase online.


The toilet paper making business in Nigeria has been accounted for as being a standout amongst several profitable business ideas in Nigeria today and the business for toilet tissue is as of now expanding yet further into exportation to different nations in Africa. Toilet move is a delicate tissue paper utilized within a large number of homes, business locales, schools and  lodgings.


-Toilet tissue handling is a cash making machine. You can begin the business with insignificant capital and procure in excess of 100% profits for capital in the short run.

– Ability of transforming SABS endorsed toilet rolls.

– Simple assembling procedure.

– Easy organization (not many product offerings and varieties, subsequently making toilet tissue business simple to oversee).

– High interest for item: there is a popularity for toilet tissue inside Nigeria and past

– Easy to market.


With a specific end goal to energize neighborhood processing of the item and make the highly required livelihood.

The central legislature of Nigeria banned the importation of completed toilet move, serviette and face tissue in 2004. in spite of the fact that nearby generation has as far back as anyone can remember initiated, the interest is still high, superseding the supply by wide edge.

Something like 800 million units of the item are obliged every year by Nigerians out of which nearby generation can just meet about 105 million units. this wide edge in supply gives financing open door to shrewd speculators like you and I to adventure.

Open doors likewise exist for the exportation of the nearby completed item to different nations. By and by, one could likewise profit reusing waste paper into jumbo reels utilized as crude material for the preparation of toilet rolls.


Wood Pulp and Dye

The main venture at the present time making soft tissue paper is making paper pulp, which could be produced from reused materials or new ones. Once the filaments are blended with the wood pulp, they are faded and after that washed. The fiber is then set in a blending tank where the maker includes any parts that may be required, for example, color. Tissue paper utilized for family unit intentions is regularly colored white, while brightening paper might be blended with a combination of color shades.


When the pulp is prepared, it is pressed through two weight moves so that a greater part of the dampness is crushed out. Frequently the pulp could be pressed just between two moves to produce a thicker toilet paper, and other times it may experience the weight of numerous moves for more slender paper. This leaves the pulp in a sensible consistency for the next step, which will totally dry it out and scratch it down to a meager sheet.

The pulp is transformed with a toilet tissue production dryer, a drying barrel warmed by steam. this dryer puts the pulp through a methodology called creping; subsequently the expression “crepe paper.” the hood over the roller dries the pulp with a powerful hotness as the roller turns and a fine cutting edge rub the tissue down to the delicate, wanted thickness. To ensure that spillage is reduced during the toilet roll creeping process, the roller is initially spread with glue.

Reeling and Cutting of the toilet paper

The long length of paper is reeled and cut with the toilet paper reeling and cutting machine, for example, the Advantage Soft Reel, into suitable lengths and segments after it is dried and diminished. The pulp undergoes intense heat to ensure that it is properly dried. To keep the toilet tissue a machine from catching fire, a technology is introduced as Wet Dust, utilized to keep cool and devoid of dust from the range and keep the tissue machines clean.


The toilet paper production plant is a stationary one to be sourced mainly. The plant is made up of : Toilet roll jumbo reel winding machine, toilet tissue band saw and cutting machine  and toilet tissues core gluing machine

The plant might be sourced from an encountered fabricator of plants in Nigeria, consequently, the toughness of the plant and extra parts might not be an issue.


1.    Executive Summary

Business Opportunity
Product Description
Current Business Position
Financial Potential
The Request

2.    Business Description
Brief Overview
Product Description
Ownership Structure
Legal Considerations

3. Technical Analysis
Machinery and Equipment
Plant size and Production Volume Manufacturing Process
Plant Location
Raw Material Utilities
Labour Requirement

4. Opportunity
Market Overview
Customer Profile
Primary Competition
Competitive Advantage

5.    Business Strategy
Vision Mission Business Model
Corporate Objective SWOT Analysis Critical Success Factors Marketing Plans

6.    Organizational & Operating Model
Organizational Structure Strategic Business Unit Strategic Management Unit Management Team Human Capital

7.    Financial Plan
Revenue Projections
Finance Request
Repayment Plan

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